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A fully functional standalone version of our  NEW.GIF (17000 bytes) 32-bit PowerTrain CMI 3.2 is available for a limited trial period. The expiration date for this evaluation version will be indicated at program startup.

Visit this site for periodic updates.

The files to be downloaded require approximately 10MB. (3 files)
There are 2 steps to a successfull download and install:
1) Download all 3 files into a common folder
2) After downloading, run setup.exe.

The setup installs all files necessary to run PowerTrain CMI 3.2.
If you would prefer floppy disks or a CD please contact us.

To run PowerTrain CMI, logon as user PTRAIN (password = PTRAIN)

An online tutorial, plus context sensitive help is available.
The tutorial may also be printed
(c:\program files\ptrain\tutorial\Quick Start Course Master.doc)

Press here to download the first setup file. (3.7mb)
Press here to download the second setup file. (13mb)
Press here to download the third setup file. (4.3mb)