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PowerTrainTM CMI Success Stories

Our largest customer has been using PowerTrain CMI since December, 1995. Initially, the company implemented PowerTrain CMI for just one of its business units (BU). This BU has over 500 permanent computer users and hundreds of temporary contractors which require periodic, recurring training and testing. In the past, the BU provided classroom training for all personnel. In 1993, the BU hired a consultant to develop five separate CBT applications. The standalone applications were installed on computers in a classroom, and all personnel were required to take the exams in that classroom. The BU is heavily regulated, and changes in regulations forced occassional software modifications to each of the CBT applications. These modifications required programming expertise and extensive software verication and validation testing. These were both expensive and time-consuming.

Enter PowerTrain CMI...

BS00044A.gif (2229 bytes)  PowerTrain CMI was made available to all computer users at their work location. 

The BU estimates that over $64,000 per year is saved in time by not requiring personnel to travel to the training facility to take an exam and programming costs. Changes in the courseware no longer required programming skills nor software validation, since all course contents are data points in a relational database, thus saving time and money. The course instructors can easily maintain the courseware. In four months, seven courses were developed and incorporated in PowerTrain CMI by two training instructors with no programming expertise and little computer knowledge. Over 5000 exams were taken and recorded in the first year. PowerTrain CMI was then made available to the entire enterprise. One department was in the process of directing a consultant in the development of 17 hours of CBT modules. This process was taking approximately 250 hours of development per one hour of CBT. Then they were introduced to PowerTrain CMI. Several members of their team (NO PROGRAMMERS) were trained to use PowerTrain CMI. The consultant was released, and in less than 3 months 4 members of the team had successfully developed the 17 hours of CBT in PowerTrain CMI. The development time had been cut from 250 hours to 90 hours with PowerTrain CMI. The development team also felt that they were providing a better training product. They added a couple more team members which they trained themselves and completed over 120 hours of CBT in 6 months using PowerTrain CMI.

How would you like to save 160 hours of consultant time for 120 courses? This would make a difference to any project.