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PowerTrainTM CMI Product Price List

* All prices exclude sales tax and any required customizations

bulletPowerTrain licensing is priced according to usage.
bulletThere are 3 independent use charges:
Named Users This is the number of personnel records that may be placed in the PowerTrain database.
Concurrent Users This is the number of PowerTrain users that may be connected at the same time. (The product starts with 1 concurrent user. You must purchase additional concurrent users for any number greater than 1.)
Developers This is the number of users that may be designated as a course developer.

You may purchase named user, concurrent user, and developer license units in any amount at any time. Discounts will be given when purchasing multiple units of the same type at the same time as shown below.

Pricing for named users is $5 each for the first 50, $4 each for the next 50, $3 each for the next 50, $2 each for the next 50, and $1 each for each user after that.

Pricing for developers and/or concurrent users (> 1) are $500 for the first developer or additional concurrent user, $400 for the next, $300 for the next, and $200 for each after that.

In addition to the above, you will be given 10 named user licenses for every concurrent user or developer license purchased.

Below are some examples.

To purchase 10 named users will cost $50.
To purchase 100 named users will cost $450. (50 x 5) + (50 x 4)
To purchase 1000 named users will cost $1500. (50 x 5) + (50 x 4) + (50 x 3) + (50 x 2) + (800 x 1)

To be able to use 6 concurrent users you must purchase 5 concurrent user licenses. The price for 5 concurrent user licenses is $1600. (500 + 400 + 300 + 200 + 200)

For a system with 5 concurrent users, 2 developers, and 500 named users, you will need to purchase licenses for 4 additional concurrent users, 2 developers and 440 named users. (You will receive 60 free named users with the 4 concurrent and 2 developer licenses.)

The cost for 4 concurrent user licenses is $1400.
The cost for 2 developer licenses is $900.
The cost for 440 named user licenses is $940.
The total cost for the above example system is $3240.

Please Note: The customer is responsible for supplying the database platform for all systems with more than 1 concurrent user. PowerTrain is compatible with most database systems.

This price list last updated on 09/19/2002